NERA 32% protein granules for dogs 10kg

NERA 32% protein granules for dogs 10kg

Warning: Feed is always made from fresh food and without chemical preservatives! In case of your order, it may happen that you will no longer have the required product in stock so the delivery time can be extended in this case to 4-7 days due to the production of the product sold as we always sell fresh feed. Thank you for understand.

Complete feed with freshly processed meat (turkey, beef, lamb) containing vegetables, herbs and minerals for active dogs. Humicum substances, collagen, tannin (edible chestnut extract) and Pesterec Marian support good digestive and musculoskeletal functions and detoxify the body. Made in Slovakia.

Serve dry as needed or moistened with milk, warm water or meat broth. Ensure a constant supply of fresh water.


45% beef, 10% turkey meat, 5% lamb (45% dried beef, 15% freshly processed turkey and lamb), beef protein 10%, animal fat, vegetables 8% (potato flakes, carrots, parsley) , spinach), hemp flour 1.5%, brewer's yeast linseed oil, Humac natur (humic substances), tannin (edible chestnut extract), Marian pestre

Analytical constituents:

protein 32%, coarse fat 14%, coarse ash 5%, coarse fiber 7.5%, humidity 8%, calcium 2%, phosphorus 1.3%

Nutritional additives in 1 kg:

Vit. A 8000 IU, vit. D3 800 IU, vit. B1 min. 4mg / kg, Vit. B2 min. 4mg / kg, Vit. E / alphatocopherol 65 mg / kg choline chloride 500 mg, niacinamide 50 mg, calcium pantothenate 15 mg, folic acid 1 mg

Trace elements:

iron (monohydrate, iron sulphate) 210 mg, zinc (zinc oxide) 180 mg, manganese (manganese oxide) 64 mg, copper (copper oxide) 20 mg, iodine (calcium iodate) 3 mg, selenium (sodium selenite) 0.2 mg, chondroitin 80 mg, glucose min. 350 mg


Denná dávka pre dospelé psy / Daily dose for adult dogs 

Hmotnosť psa v dospelosti / Dog weight in adulthood (kg)5101520304040<
Denná dávka / Daily dose (gr)70130185220290360


Denná dávka pre šteňatá / Daily dose for puppies :

Vek psa v mesiachoch / Dog age in monthsPredpokladaná hmotnosť psa v dospelosti / Expected weight of adult dog

5 kg5-10 kg10-25 kg25-45kg
2-365g / day140g / day220g / day340g / day
4-585g / day155g / day240g / day380g / day
6-785g / day165g / day260g / day400g / day
8-985g / day150g / day240g / day
420g / day
10-1170g / day140g / day240g / day400g / day
12-13dospelý pes/adult dog

dospelý pes/adult dog

220g / day380g / day

Pestrec Marian : the pest has a positive effect on the liver and helps in liver diseases, increases the rate of liver cell regeneration, has antifibrotic effects, Silymarin contained in this plant has strong antioxidant properties and helps to control the oxidative stress of the organism, Supports elimination of harmful substances from the body (medicines, toxins, carcinogens), detoxification of the organism.

Humic substances: they help in the prevention of health disorders, they are a supportive agent for digestive tract disorders (acute and chronic diarrhea, inflammatory diseases, mucosal ulcers), they support and stabilize intestinal microflora, they are a source of minerals in chelated form (easy to use for the body) They detoxify the organism (detoxication of exogenous and endogenous poisons in acute and chronic poisoning), binds molds, microbial toxins, toxic metals or pesticides and excretes them together with body debris, has a positive influence on liver function, acts anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral.

Collagen: it helps the regeneration of stressed joints and cartilages, Can alleviate joint and bone pain, It has beneficial effects on healing of broken and regeneration of the skin, Supports the elasticity and strength of the skin.

What are Humic Acids (Humac)?

They are organic-mineral nutritional supplements. A natural substance that has a positive effect on the metabolism of living organisms due to the high content of humic acids and their beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora and immune system. Humic acids are biologically active substances capable of binding various toxic substances in the digestive system (toxins, heavy metals, etc.) which are then excreted in the faeces. The basic raw material is Leonardite - a biologically highly active substance containing 65% (M / M) of humic acids, which is activated by a technological process. They support the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal protective system of the body due to its effect on the immune system.

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