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If you want to ensure a healthy, comfortable and undisturbed sleep, not enough choice as nice beds and quality mattress, but a lot also depends on the correct choice of quality pillows, quilts or blankets.

Man sleeps third of his life and therefore the correct selection underestimated. Take the time to find us a blanket, duvet and pillow that will suit your personal needs and habits. Your reward will be great in the morning feeling fresh when full power starting the new day. Incorrect selection of pillows, blankets, or pillows may cause allergic reactions. Therefore it is very important that if you wake up with a blocked nose, itching or eczema, or other hypersensitivity to your body, it shows the sign of an allergic reaction.


When choosing the right blanket and pillow we must not forget the following aspects:

Size quilt should be about 23-30 cm longer than your body height. When it comes to width, which is currently some "established" in size 140 cm, but everyone can meet otherwise. In our offer, therefore you will find quilts in various sizes. Baby quilts are made in dimensions 90x135cm. Other sizes we offer are 140x200cm, 140x220cm, 155x215cm, 160x200cm, 195x215cm, 200x220cm, but also in size 220x240cm. If you can not find a requested dimension in our offer, please contact us and we will tailor any size according to your requirement.


Select the type of your quilt should also be related to temperature and conditions room where you sleep. Nowadays advocates take home a quilt on a hot night and one for cold winter evenings. If the temperature in your home varies depending on the outside temperature, it is good to have on hand summer and winter quilt. Winter quilts recommend that people who are sensitive to temperature changes. If you are sensitive to cold, be sure to select one of the quilts in this category. Summer quilts are intended primarily for those who are at room temperature more than 24 degrees. If you tend to sleep quilt is kicked, and likes rather easily blankets, just reach for after the summer quilt. Category-season quilts is the simplest choice for those in the room have pronounced temperature fluctuations depending on the weather.


Another factor in choosing the right quilt is its content. These are divided into natural and artificial. In the case of filling natural - feathers, down here in our offer yet, or currently find. We should take note that the duvet with a natural filling is several times more expensive than synthetic quilt with filling, not to mention the risk of the above-mentioned various allergies. Artificial, ie synthetic filling consisting of polyester fibers which have similar properties to the plumage but their price is lower.


You offer anti-allergic pillows, blankets and pillows made from silanised hollow fibers. This type of fiber is synthetic and has a hollow interior. Silanized hollow fiber specially adapted hollow fiber which, thanks to this special treatment achieves the best features useful just for a pleasant night's sleep and rest.

This specially treated fiber is best suited for allergy sufferers. It protects them that repels dust particles, bacteria, unpleasant organisms and is indigestible for mites. Parents of children for precautionary reasons appreciate the advantages of blanket and pillow from this material, because in this way their children will ensure a pleasant sleep in the anti-allergic bed products.

Blankets and pillows filled with silanized hollow fiber can be easily washed in the washing machine up to 60 ° C. Even at this temperature, a silanized fleece retains all its qualitative parameters.

Silanized hollow fiberIt has a high degree of drape and high resistance when pressed repeatedly. You need not ever fear that you these fluffy blankets have lost their shape, or become hard and unpleasant to the touch. Silanization hollow fiber adds softness and smoothness, so under that blanket, you feel pampered and your sleep will be pleasant for you and tonic. Blankets, quilts with this kind of packing provide evenly distributed heat and pillows strong support for the head and neck during sleep.

An important part of the quilt and blankets is its outer shell, so the substance from which it is sewn. The anti-allergy duvets we use a coating made up in a ratio of 80% cotton - 20% polyester, wherein such blankets may be washed at 60 and is intended for allergy sufferers. Of course, in our offer you can find products and sewn from 100% cotton, but which require different care, or we can produce on demand quilt based on your requirements.

Firstly, the aim of our company is to improve the quality and the exceptional comfort of your sleep and therefore are included in our offer duvets and pillows enriched extract of aloe vera.

Aloe Verais a plant that has many healing effects on the human body. This plant is used worldwide for more than 3,500 years. Many people know that aloe helps soothe skin injuries, relieve itching and swelling of irritated skin and also improve overall recovery, but hardly anyone is aware that aloe can also be used in blankets, quilts and pillows. Extracts of aloe in the form of microparticles that are gradually released, act calming and relaxing the whole body, thus deepening relaxation during sleep. This release also extract has antibacterial effect, which ensures secure control of bacteria and mites. Natural origin active substances and anti-bacterial ability will ensure the right conditions for asthmatics, allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.


The pillows pays the same as in the case of quilts and blankets, since they affect not only the quality of our sleep, but also to have a healthy rest up and drew new energy. If your pillow is already outdated, it may contain skin cells, mold and mites, which make up half the weight of an older pillow. Experts advise that the general rule is to buy a new pillow every 12-18 months. After two years, it's been a necessity if we are to avoid unpleasant health problem that we know miserable life.

In the category of pillows to our eschope you can choose from various sizes and 35x45cm, 40x40cm, 45x45cm, 50x50cm, 50x70cm, 70x80cm, 70x90cm. Also here we have the opportunity to offer produce pillow sizes what you want.

In our offer we have pillows that are provided with a zipper that allows you to add or subtract content pillow and pillow so adjust according to your needs and comfort. Filling for pillows It is part of our offer and one kilogram in weight.


If you have a desire to beautify your home, so be sure to look at our offer of decorative pillows that will not only beautify the living space, but also can serve for a comfortable rest. With us you have the option to create from his bed dream kingdom, where you indulge in the best of the best during sleep. Our duvets and pillows create in your bedroom a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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