Why are SPLAT products so special?

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SPLAT is synonymous with natural bioactive oral care products. Natural active ingredients, essential oils and plant extracts are a natural part of dental pastes, mouthwashes and SPLAT expressive foam for both adults and children. SPLAT products do not contain synthetic antiseptics, triclosan, chlorhexidine, sulphates. The products are made using ingredients derived from the ecologically clean area of Valdai.


So why are SPLAT products so special and popular with customers around the world?


High efficiency.

Every product created in Splat labs effectively solves dental problems. To guarantee the highest possible efficiency for each product, Splat works with leading dentists and experts around the world. The result is innovative and unique products whose effectiveness is proven by extensive clinical studies in the EU, Japan and Russia.


Innovation approach

The Splat development team is constantly looking for the latest and most effective forms of production to maximize the clinical effectiveness of each product. Splat's own research center is developing new product recipes and working with foreign partners and universities. The resulting recipes then demonstrate high efficiency and are protected by Russian and international patents. The unique innovative Sp.White Sytem® safe and effective whitening system, which is part of the toothpaste, leaves the tooth surface perfectly clean, smooth and shiny without damaging tooth enamel and gums. The effective LUCTATOL® system, which is included in all children's toothpastes, is the result of international research. The combination of liquorice extract and dairy enzymes has an inhibitory effect (up to 96%) on dental plaque and caries formation. The New Generation of Exclusive Bioactive Dental Pastes Splat contains an active form of hydroxyapatite for restoration and regeneration of enamel.


Uncommon natural ingredients

Natural active ingredients, essential oils and extracts from medicinal plants are a natural part of toothpaste, mouthwash and SPLAT. Splat's bioactive and professional products include unique and exciting innovative ingredients:

- 100% natural bioactive calcium derived from egg shells

- hydroxyapatite, the major enamel component

- a milk enzyme complex to maintain the local immunity of the oral cavity

- Bioconcentrate from lavender

-lear extract

- activated carbon from birch wood

The high efficiency of each of these ingredients ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness of oral hygiene.


Safety and the environment

All SPLAT toothpastes, mouthwashes and oral foams are safe and suitable for everyday use. They do not contain synthetic antiseptics, triclosan or chlorhexidine, soda lauryl sulfate-SLS and soda saccharin. SPLAT products are made using ecologically pure ingredients from the world's leading suppliers in Valdai. SPLAT production is CO2 neutral and has been certified by international standards GMP Cosmetics, ISO9001 and ISO14001.


Personal access

SPLAT appreciates every customer and all employees work with SPLAT products with enthusiasm. Our products are made exclusively from ingredients from the world's best manufacturers. We guarantee that all SPLAT products receive maximum attention within each production phase, quality control and distribution. One of the packs may be accompanied by a personal letter from the Director General of SPLAT, which will further enhance the experience of the product.



SPLAT uses natural and safe ingredients in its products that pose no risk to the environment. Pure natural antibacterial ingredients and essential oils provide long-term protection against bacteria and maintain a healthy microflora in the oral cavity. SPLAT does not include:


The SPLAT products do not contain aggressive abrasives such as aluminum oxide (instead of aluminum oxide), aluminum hydroxide and calcium carbonate, which destroy tooth enamel and increase tooth sensitivity. Instead of using these ingredients, SPLAT uses the innovative Sp.White System® component, which ensures gentle whitening of teeth and leaves enamel clean and clean after the first use. Oval particles of varying sizes gently and effectively remove the teeth from the teeth without causing cracks in the enamel and increasing the sensitivity of the teeth or disrupting the oral mucosa.

Chlorhexidine and triclosan. In particular, chlorhexidine is used by surgeons to disinfect before surgical procedures. May cause skin sensitization and itching or dermatitis. Triclosan is very often contained in household products. Long-term use of these synthetic antiseptics causes dysbacteriosis. In addition, chlorhexidine causes a gray shade of tooth enamel. SPLAT contains Biosol - a safe antibacterial component. Bacteria from the biofilm on the enamel surface can cause parandontitis. Biosol removes this biofilm by destroying it from within.

Saccharin and other dangerous synthetic sweeteners. Instead of these ingredients, ingredients such as xylitol, mannitol, Stevia extract and sucralose are included in all new SPLAT products.

Sodium lauryl sulfate SLS. A scouring agent that generates a foaming effect is found in most oral hygiene products, shampoos and shower gels that are on the market. May cause the oral cavity to dry out. Instead, the finer and safer component, sodium lauryl sarcosinate, is included in most SPLAT products.

The SPLAT range for children does not contain foaming ingredients, saccharinate or artificial sweeteners. Instead, components such as mannitol and liquorice extract are included. Children's toothpaste is safe in case of unwanted swallowing.



In our offer you will find products for Vantu SPLAT that will provide comprehensive starosltlivosť of Ustu hygiene. Here you will find products in the Biomed series, the Profesional series, the Special series, as well as children's products, mouthwashes, special express foam, dental floss, dental floss, and toothbrushes specially designed for quality care. We believe that our offer will appeal to you and a healthy and nice smile will become your business card! You can view SPLAT products at this link.

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