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You may have already noticed that our e-shop Vantu does not burden its customers different pop-up ad windows or unwanted advertising mail. We believe that every customer knows what he wants and when it wants, so it buys. The question then reads Why register and shop at Vantu?


Various e-shop offer for example at the first visit munificent offer extra discount on your first purchase, for example, at 10 euros, which must be used as soon as you purchase ..Super ... and then what the next time your purchase? Or do you prefer to utilize the offered discount, which is also quite often tied to a specified e-mail address that you then went XY promotional emails?


We in Vantu's treated differently ... .As a registered customer, automatically getting a different price for purchase in our online shop for more than 60% - 70% of the products on our offer ... and it every when you buy the Vantu.


How does it work?


1.For visit our e-shop displays classic prices to unregistered customers as you can see in the attached picture with the selected product.



2. Once you sign up as a customer, so the price you log in for the same product than the price displayed for registered customers, the attached file with the same product.




Thus, you see all the products that we assigned extra fees for registered customers. Moreover, following the set price we determined even in products that are in e-shop in action.


1. If unregistered customer sees goods in action during his visit e-shop, as shown in the attached figure on the selected product at a certain price at a discount.



2. That price for registered customers is also in rebate, but is bigger, so you get more, also as seen in the picture.




The different prices we znažili set in each of the categories in our store. Of course it should be realized that it is not possible to determine the following prices for each product in our offer, but the range of goods will thus set a still either expand or at least maintain range of goods.


Also with us you encounter by a variety of other events that we prepare for you get a variety of coupons, such as free shipping or extra discount or a coupon for a particular product.


What else do we prepare?


Currently we are preparing the possibility to earn points for your purchases and you then exchanged for gift vouchers at a certain height, according to points accumulated. This voucher can then be used either as a discount on the purchase of products where a certain amount, for example 10 euros, or simply donate to someone who will use it in its purchases to Vantu. These coupons you will be able to also purchase separately and used as a gift. Currently this system benefit test and set to bring the least possible complication for our customers.


Another advantage is that, as a registered customer, you have full access to all your orders, documents in connection with your purchases etc. Can you administer your own data, view order history and a number of others in relation to your account to Vantu, as you can see in the attached image.



We believe that we will partially clarify what brings be registered to Vantu and ourselves are so you can decide whether you will use. We wish you a pleasant shopping and satisfaction with our services. By Vantu.


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