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Do not you have a choice with feed offers for your pet? Try top Slovak food, prepared by experts, which is always fresh and without chemical preservatives.


On Vantu we're trying to always offer quality products that are produced in Slovakia and so we decided to offer the high-quality animal feed produced by Biofer.


BIOFER is a small family company, founded in 1991 in Prešov. The company was founded by graduates of the Agricultural University in Nitra, who remained faithful to their expertise and professional background in the given field, and decided to produce high quality pet food.


They focus on the production of pet food. When selecting raw materials, they prefer natural and animal products, avoid chemical preservatives and flavorings. Nature itself helps us to create recipes that are beneficial to the healthy growth of our pets. As an example, sunflower and flax are needed for a healthy and shiny coat, and at the same time an ideal ratio of omega3 and omega6 acids in feed. Thistle has a beneficial effect on the liver, Oyster mushroom supports the immune system, animal collagen, urological herbs help correct kidney function, tannin relieves digestive problems while absorbing unwanted smells from your pet's stools.

The first in Europe began to use natural humic substances that are ideal for the detoxification of the organism, both for animals and for humans. They produce a wide range of feeds for dogs, cats, rabbits, laying hens, pigs, chickens. They also offer complementary goods such as cans for dogs, dog sausages, and are currently also focusing on the production of functional dog treats (containing collagen, thistle, tannin, and fodder).


As the first in Slovakia, they began processing soy beans into extruded full-bodied soy, thus contributing to increasing livestock productivity for Slovak breeders. As Slovak producers prefer raw materials from Slovak primary producers. All their feeds and snacks are GMO-free.


At our eshop, you can purchase these products and we will continue to expand our offer. All goods we offer are kept in stock so that they are ready to ship to you. Due to the fact that we try to follow their principles of freshness of the food, if the goods are sold in our shop but can be ordered, delivery of the shipment takes 4-7 days, because after you have placed your order in the case of its shortage selected the food will be freshly produced by what we will of course inform you about.


Give your pets a comfortable animal belly. You can buy Biofer products here.

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