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Want to know how to get a better shipping or product price? So read on to learn more about our scoring program, which we have prepared for registered customers.

At the beginning of the year, as you might have noticed, we had to adjust the freight prices for shipments in our e-shop based on the price adjustments supplied by our carriers. Unfortunately, as we mentioned in our previous blog where we dealt with this issue, there was a rise in prices and some adjustments associated with it. We also promised you that we would find a solution to give our registered customers a bonus that they would be able to claim and gain some benefit, for example, during transportation. And as this benefit, we launched a point system for individual products for registered customers, which we will now briefly introduce.


You know the points system from many other e-shops, and ours is no different from the others. However, without "torture", we admit that we set it up primarily to get a better shipping price, rather than to buy products, even though this option is valid. We have mainly tried to solve the transport costs for shipments exceeding 10 kilograms or more for which the biggest change in the price of transport.


How does it work with us?

Every registered customer, when logging into the shop, will see for each product, the price in points for which the product can buy, but also the number of points that his purchases will earn. Here we notify registered customers that the current number of points you earn by purchase is displayed only after logging into the e-shop and is completely different than shown in the e-shop, if you are not logged in or shopping as a guest. Therefore, if you shop regularly in our e-shop and you are not registered (and there are enough such customers), we recommend that you register.


In the picture you can see how these points appear in our e-shop for each product.

If you are worried that we may "bother" you with promotional and unsolicited e-mails, please note what you can verify with our registered customers (as you may know) that we NEVER send or send such e-mails in the future. For advertising activities and news in the e-shop we use our facebook and instagram :-).


How and when are the points credited?

In case of your purchase from and to the system in our e-shop will register the number of points with the registered customer. Subsequently, the points are added after the order has been paid successfully, not earlier! Points are credited after pairing by bank transfer or online payment automatically. If the shipment is paid by cash on delivery, these points are added to the customer upon receipt of the payment order from the carrier to send cash on delivery. Only then can customers use these points in their next order. Of course, the customer is informed about adding points for the order as well as about the current state of the point account by email (sometimes the email client, especially in gmail, this client can move this email to the spam item, so check it occasionally).

The registered customer can view the status of the point account directly in their account after logging in, as shown in the attached picture.



Use points at checkout.

You can use earned points for your purchases whenever you choose. It is up to you how you use them and how much. The only limitation is the height of the points used. This is possible only at the maximum possible height determined at any given time in cash, as you can see in the picture below. For example, if you have products in your cart and have a purchase point of 34500 and your point system is higher, you can use a maximum of 34500 points. adjusted to give you a discount, which would compensate for any higher shipping costs, especially for higher-weight shipments.


If you decide to use your points in the order, enter the number of points you want to use in the relevant box, but the maximum number of points you have as a registered customer is available. After entering the number of points, confirm your decision with the "Use points" button. The system then recalculates the amount of your points to the amount of the discount, as you can see in the picture below at the cashier line "loyalty points". We ask customers not to unnecessarily "click" the button more than once, the system will automatically recalculate the order in the basket after pressing the button and refresh the displayed page of the order.


This way you can reuse this point system and take advantage of it as a registered customer in our e-shop. It's up to you to decide when and how to use it. From our experience with already in use customers we know that they are using it. Although this is dealt with by a discount system, but ultimately its purpose was, as mentioned above, to reduce the cost of transport customers. For even 10,20,30, 50 or more cent discount is a discount, which will reduce the price of transport. Therefore, we recommend that you use this tool as it is used by customers, especially for heavier shipments.

In addition, by launching a point system we will start to use these points in case of any complaints, or as a reward for crossing a certain shopping limit, etc.


And what else are we preparing? You may have noticed from the attached pictures that we are working on the customer's credit system, and we are currently testing gift vouchers, which we plan to launch in the course of the month. We believe that you will continue to uphold your favor and you will be satisfied with our services.

The Vantu team.


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