Are you looking for an exceptional and practical gift? Our tip - handmade perfumed soap from our offer. Choose yours in your scent or taste and please your loved ones with a practical gift with a touch of elegance. More in our blog.

If you do not know the taste of the recipient, you need to look more at the neutrality of the gift than whether we like the gift or not. We have prepared a wide range of perfumed soaps for you, with which everyone will surely choose. When choosing a soap, an endless number of different scents and combinations await you.

You have a choice of soaps designed for the little ones with fresh fruit scents, for gentlemen with unique men's scents, for women with delicate touches, but also unisex soaps with combinations of fruit, coffee, natural extracts and much more. They create a soft foam that cleanses and moisturizes your skin. Solid natural soaps are for use on the body and face, as well as perfumed with natural essential oils, there is unscented soaps for sensitive and delicate skin. You will find various types of activated carbon soaps, olive soaps, lavender soaps, with marigold, hemp soaps, mandarin, Marseille soaps, honey soap, citrus, scented needles, banana, mint and much more. All soaps weigh 100 grams +/- 6%, precisely because they are made by hand and so their weight fluctuates in this deviation. All L´Cosmetics soaps we offer do not contain SLS. In their production, only natural ingredients are used, ie carefully selected natural oils, extracts, dyes and fillers, so that the products contain only the best. Each of the products is a combination of excellent filling, comfortable packaging and stylish design. Soaps look great, as you can see in the individual product pictures.

Thanks to this approach, each product under the L'COSMETICS brand is a luxury gift for yourself and others. Do not hesitate and see our offer at this link.