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One of our main brands at Vant's eshop is the ISSIMO Home brand. Why is Issimo?

Issimo Home is one of the leading brands in home textile products. From the day the brand got its name and started its story, the Issimo brand brought to the industry its unique designs, sophistication and crafted manufacturing skills. These values ​​have become the "lifestyle" of this brand.
Issimo brand products attach great importance to the artistic creation of their designs as well as the production itself so that each collection has its own uniqueness and theme chosen by each customer.
Designers design products with an emphasis on world trends and to maintain their uniqueness even after several years. Last but not least, the products are designed with the emphasis on the unique quality of the base material. Employees who prepare products maintain these values, so you can meet Issimo Home products with unique processing quality.

Issimo Home products meet the strictest production criteria, the material being made from the finest materials in setting up production using state-of-the-art environmental technologies.


The Issimo collection includes the products of the Eclusive, Tailor Made, Satin, Ranforce Cotton, Towel and Bathrobe, Nightwear, Cushion, Primer, and White Series (mainly for hotels, spa baths, etc.)

All collections use the highest quality material, such as 100% cotton, 100% organic cotton, flax, cotton satin, quality bamboo fiber, and last but not least, other modern materials such as modal, etc.

In addition, the individual collections we offer are made up as a complete set, where the customer purchases everything in one package eg 4x pillow, 2x blanket, bed tarpaulin.
The added value of the Issimo brand is that all products are packed in quality packaging with the design of Issimo Home.

Good quality is good, so Issimo products are the ones whose price reflects their quality. Quality that is tested by millions of satisfied customers around the world from the world's leading textile company. All of Issimo Home products in our Vantu e-shop can be found on this link.

We have decided to offer products in our e-shop that reflect a certain philosophy, quality processing, great properties and added value, and last but not least products and products that we use and have only the best experience with them. Issimo Home is one of them!



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