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Do not know how to proceed with your possible complaint of purchased goods in our e-shop
We have prepared for you this article where we will try to explain as simply as possible how to proceed and to avoid any possible complications.

We always try to offer you goods to meet your expectations when you buy it. However, we are just people, so it can sometimes happen that some mistake will come to us for your purchased goods. In this case, a legitimate opportunity to complain to the customer is available. We've tried to make the claim as simple as possible so your claim is as simple and as quick as possible.


First of all, there is a difference between the claim and the withdrawal from the purchase contract. This article is dedicated to the complaint process. We will say something about leaving in another article.


The Complaint Rules specify general business conditions, namely point 8, these conditions, which are governed by the relevant laws of the Slovak Republic. Every customer, when buying goods from our Vantu eshop, will automatically receive these terms and conditions as an e-mail attachment to his / her order to the email he / she entered when buying. Also, these business terms and conditions are posted on our site and are always up to date with their publication on the site.


So how do you complain?


If you choose to claim goods, the easiest way is to use our online claim form, which is posted on our Customer Area page. By completing this form, your claim will be delivered to you in principle as soon as you send it, and you will be generated a number of your complaint with which we will continue to work until it is closed.


We recommend that the person who bought the goods in our e-shop should file a complaint, since the form you have filled out is the information you provided when creating your order and then you received all the necessary documents for the order.


Filling in the form is simple, just follow the descriptions of each row.


We also recommend that you enter the "Error Details" box where you can briefly describe your claim, or suggest a complaint, repair, replacement, or refund. In the case of a refund method, you must also enter your account number in the form of IBAN and, in the case of a foreign account, your bank's SWIFT code.


The second way to claim it is written. In this case, please refer to our e-shop page for downloadable documents for the claim form - Complaint Form. You will download and print this form. According to the appropriate boxes, this form must be printed and sent to our address on this form. We recommend creating a copy of the submitted form.


If you have already chosen one of the complaints, then you must send the goods to our address. In the case of a written complaint, this form must be attached to the consignment.


ATTENTION- we do not collect the shipment !!!


After receipt of the shipment, complaints, we usually contact customers, either by email or by telephone, to resolve the complaint. If a customer wishes to exchange goods, for example, he automatically sends them to us after receiving a complaint with damaged goods, which is sent again at our expense. In the case of a claim that requires repairs, the customer is further informed about the next step. Solving a claim by returning funds is resolved after receiving the claim goods at our address.


We generally resolve complaints as soon as they are received, but at the latest at the statutory time. In case of doubt, you can contact us at or contact us at Vantu


The address to be sent to you is:

DENED s.r.o. (Vantu); Harangovská 403/8; 094 14 Sečovská Polianka; Slovak republic


In the event that a shipment from our e-shop will be delivered to you by a shipping company and will show signs of damage during shipment, we recommend visibly damaged mail from the courier or mail not to take a complaint directly to the courier or postal service delivering the shipment.

We recommend that you contact us at and we will arrange for you to send a new shipment.

In a nutshell, we have described how to complain in our e-shop so that we can help you with this process, and find the exact terms and conditions of the reclamation yarn in our business conditions.


We believe that you will never have to use this form for your purchases on and you will be happy with our goods :-)


We wish you a nice shopping and a successful day. Vantu team



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