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Do not have the Internet shopping experience? Were you surprised by some of the settings in our e-shop? Never mind, we have prepared a short article on how to proceed with the purchase Vantu.













Our e-shop is basically no different from other e-commerce, you know. The principle is the same buying almost all, the difference is maximum in design.


As a customer, you choose from the menu that represents menu and in it the individual categories that matter to you as a customer area. Entering the category will be displayed us the goods, which you can ignore.








Product details can be accessed by entering the product description by clicking on his name. This will take you to the product details.






















Product detail contains all the basic information about a particular product. Do you see the brand of the product, the name of the product, its availability in our system, the ability to add to the cart, and the box for the number of pieces you wish to add to your cart.
















You also have the option if you're interested in something more Product to ask us a question directly to the product by clicking on the link "Questions about the product?". Then it will open a window with a form where you can enter your specific question and send us where you answer it, answer to your email.
















Lower part of product detail constitutes a specific description of the product with its specification as well as you can in the event that this product was purchased by you review it.
















If you have decided on a specific product, click on the "Add to Cart" is your chosen product added to the cart. About this step will inform popup and you are at the top of the display shows the information that you have in your cart items.

















Thus continue shopping or the other goods you are interested and up to date list of goods in the basket will display the top information bar.

There is also the option to add products directly to the shopping cart and if you have already decided for specific goods. In this case, just click the button to "cart". If you choose this option, so keep in mind that the product is added to the cart, but only in the number of "1 unit"

The e-shop will also meet with the goods, which has several variants, such as size, color, etc. When buying such a product when you type directly send products into your cart and e-commerce will warn you that you can not add to cart, unless you select a particular variant of the product that is offered. Therefore, it is first necessary to enter, for example, a particular color or size you are interested in and then send it to the basket.

















If your choice was finished, you can check the basket by clicking the basket on top of the e-shop, or by clicking the "Checkout" will take you directly to the data by the end of the order and dispatch.
















Click on "View Cart" you show your goods that you added to your cart. In this section, you can edit individual products, either by adding or increasing the number of units of a product or even eliminate you have selected a product from the basket, if you so choose. You can go back and backto shopping, to click on the appropriate link.














If you've finished editing, you go to "cash", where your order finished.V box office is required to fill the data as described in the various boxes.























1. The method of purchase

There, as a customer choice, which is the current you, as if you want to buy as unregistered customer, or you together with the order to do while their registration or if you purchase goods already registered as a customer.

2. Your data and your address

Then you fill in information about you that is necessary to successfully placing an order and delivery of goods to you. All necessary dataThey are designated "red *." In case these data blank, you can not successfully complete your order. If you wish to send the order to a different address, you need to fill a second address for delivery of the goods 'delivery address', but only if you want it sent to another address.

3. Means of transport, payment

The second part of the order you select from the options provided services and payments that will be displayed after you enter your data. For each country are determined independent shipping options and payments to a system that automatically generates, according to our specified parameters. Choose the shipment and payment that suits you best.

4. Coupons and Vouchers

Use this for you if you have received from us a coupon or voucher purchased. In this case, you need to enter a specific number of these fields coupon or voucher and then you store recalculates your total price for your order. More about vouchers and points you to read our blog, which is currently preparing.

5. Payment data and note the order.

This section is the summary of your order and if you have any comments on your order is the need to enter into this section.


For a successful dispatch your order is at the bottom of the box should be ticked agree to our terms and conditions, which are required by law. In case you do not, you can not send your order or carry out. Once you submit your order, the system will notify you on our website, and then to your specified e-mail address when creating your order, you will receive a confirmation email with a summary and the necessary attachments required by law for the sale over the Internet.

For each subsequent step that you make with your order you will be informed by email and separate it from its receipt, processing, dispatch to completion. Given that we try as far as possible to conserve the natural environment and all our documents, invoices and documentsassociated with your purchase sending exclusively electronically to your email.


This is so in a nutshell describes the procedure for establishing order in our e-shop. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, we welcome them to

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