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Every day is hectic and challenging, so the right ending is important for recharging energy the next morning. Lie back to bed in the evening and gently caress the softness and quality of the bedding you will definitely choose.

When it comes to bedding design, everyone can choose according to their personal taste. What else do you need to notice on your bedding to choose the best and most suitable for yourself? Read on and become a pro in choosing bedding. We have an overview of all known and available types of bedding made or sold in Slovakia, Czech Republic which you can find in our e-shop with description of their properties.


Cotton bedding:

This is the very basis of the textile materials in general, with bed linen that is doubly true. Cotton is a pleasant, antiallergic material and has a wide range of colors. It is clean and smooth, so any patterns and colors excel at it. The advantage of cotton bedding is the ability to dissipate moisture, which affects sleeping hygiene and thermal comfort during sleep. You will never be cold or too warm in these covers. They are very pleasant to the touch, breathable and have excellent absorbency. 100% cotton is most popular, especially because of its features and affordability.


Flannel bedding:

Flannel bedding is quality cotton bedding high basis weight, which is in the final stage of combed and thus achieved flannel effect. They are made with a special cotton finish, which is then highly warm and has a specific flannel-like texture. These are bedding that suits especially the colder winters.


Crepe bedding:

It is a very popular variant of the bedding, not creasing, being beautifully curled, lightweight and therefore requiring minimal maintenance. The material is 100% cotton, which is treated with sodium hydroxide solution when the fabric is shrunk in places where the liquor is used (so-called caustic crepe), or crepe structure is embossed in the fabric and fixed with hot air (so-called mechanical crepe) . The color range and properties are similar to those of cotton with the difference that the crepe linen is enough to wash, dry and ready to use. Therefore, every housewife or mummy who do not like ironing is a dream.


Photo of bedding:

This type of bedding is mostly made in 80% cotton - 20% polyester. Mostly lightweight cotton is used for these covers and patterns are created by special printing and technology. The photo of the bedding will enhance the appearance of your bedroom while giving it a special touch. They are also great as a valuable gift for loved ones. This type of bedding will be appreciated especially by those who like originality and unusualness.


Baby bedding:

The child's room should have a similar effect to a heady drink that relaxes the baby's body comfortably, and when the children get tired, they bring them a peaceful and deep sleep full of relaxation and rest. In the nursery, everything depends on the baby bed, which includes baby bedding that represents the child's favorite baby figure. Finally, it is the biggest piece in the nursery, so we can say that baby bedding will fundamentally determine the overall look. The world of children is beautiful and extremely rich. This is what the designers and manufacturers of bed linen benefit from, which you can find in our offer made of 100% cotton.





DeLuxe bedding:

The luxurious and modern DeLuxe bed linen features outstanding Ranforce cotton quality. The basis is natural raw material 100% natural cotton, which has excellent absorbent and thermoregulation properties. It has high density, strength and durability. Cotton bedding DeLuxe is very soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the modern production process they gain longer life and higher strength. Colors remain vibrant even after many laundries. These sheets are an intermediate step between classic cotton and cotton satin.






Satin bedding:

Satin cotton satin sheets are luxury bedding, where satin only refers to weave bonding, not material composition. It is a material of high quality combed cotton yarn that has a glossy finish that gives it a luxurious look. The yarn fibers are finely combed, giving the bedding an incredible softness and softness. Bed linen made of combed cotton yarn is therefore up to 3 times longer. In particular, cotton guarantees a high degree of hygiene, durability and good absorbency. Cotton satin is pleasantly warm, slightly shiny and wicks moisture well.





Damask bedding:

Damascus is a densely woven cotton fabric, which is created by the demanding weaving technique, creating beautiful patterns on its surface. The history of Damascus production goes back to China 1000 years back. Damascus experienced a great boom later in the twelfth century in the Syrian city of Damascus, where the name of this luxurious fabric comes from. Damascus is formed by mercerizing, in which the cotton fiber is compressed under pressure in brine. Overwhelming looks, softness, magical shine, high-quality yarn, color fastness, elasticity, minimal clotting and perfect price-making make damask one of the most ideal materials to put on your bed. Damask bedding is durable and durable.


Microplush bedding:

Micro-linen bedding gives you a cozy place to sleep thanks to its thermoregulation capabilities. This material is easy to maintain and dries quickly after washing. It is made up of thick short hairs that are very soft to the touch and at the same time have the exceptional ability to create comfortable warmth in bed even in the winter. If you like to sleep in a cooler room, you will appreciate that the micro-lint bedding does not cool down even with the first contact with the skin. They warm up very quickly and comfortable heat lasts all night. A great advantage is the fineness of the microplush. These linens are lightweight and beautifully fit your body shape.


Exclusive bed linen:

If you are looking for a beautiful and luxurious gift, you will certainly be interested in our offer of bedding, which will meet all your requirements. You will find the best quality as well as the final finish. All these linens have exclusive packaging and are sold in pillow-to-bed sheets.


Issimo home bed linen:

Issimo has been producing luxury bed linen since its inception. Handicraft linked to modern technology reflects lifestyle. Every season comes a new collection of luxury and quality bedding from Issimo Home. The company puts the emphasis on luxury bed linen at its core pillars: customer orientation, bedding quality, and the expertise of its staff. You can read more about this brand in our Introducing Issimo blog.


We also need to focus on their dimensions when buying bed linen. There is a huge number of sizes on the market. Slovak sheets have the following dimensions:

1. bedding 70x90, 140x200 cm, standard Slovak size.

2. bedding 70x90, 140x220 cm, standard Slovak size for extended bedding.

3. bedding 2pcs 70x90, 1pc 200x220 cm, standard Slovak size for bed linen.

What is important is that you can also buy stuffed pillows and quilts without any problems.

Non-standard dimensions that you can find on the Slovak market and are gradually being promoted also in our offer. The advantage of buying in our e-shop is that if you do not find the required size in our offer, please contact us and we will sew any size according to your requirement. This is especially true of the bedding that we have "made in Slovakia" as we sew ourselves and we can make it in any size you require.


Last but not least, the weight of the bedding is important. In principle, the following breakdown applies:

1. 100-110 g / m2 bedding - bedding in poor quality. These linens are characterized by low weaving density, folkly "they are translucent", not to mention that they have low utility value.

2. Linen weight 115-125g / m2 - the bedding is already of adequate quality, which is characterized by low price and where it is expected that sometimes there is a mistake in weaving fabric, which does not affect the overall property of the bedding.

3. Covering weight 130-140 g / m2 - quality bed linen guaranteeing long life and performance. Basically, the most used weight in the production of bedding with which you meet in Slovakia or the Czech Republic.

4. 150 g / m2 - and more - bedding in the highest quality, which of course reflects their price.

Sleep in our bed linen is a never-ending dream that you dream every night hidden under beautiful patterns with an endless palette of colors. All you have to do is choose from our wide range of bed linen at Vantu.

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