Daily care care for Vantu cosmetics includes a wide range of products for everyday use. Choose from everything that foot care offers: creams, feet masks, oils, gels, sprays, and much more. We are constantly expanding our assortment and therefore we are going to choose every one at all reasonable prices.

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FREEMAN exfoliating foot scrub Peppermint & Plum 150ml

Reveal soft skin from heel to toe. Peppermint Oil and Plum Extract invigorate feet while exfoliating..

6.00 EUR

FREEMAN revitalizing foot scrub Lemon & Sage 150ml

Invigorate and smooth your soles. This revitalizing foot scrub energizes your feet while exfoli..

6.00 EUR

AMIA Hydro Balance body lotion for dry skin 500ml

AMIA - hydrobalance body lotion for dry skin. Cream emulsion for daily care of dry and stressed skin..

3.99 EUR

AMIA Hydro Balance body lotion for very dry skin 500ml

AMIA - hydro balance body lotion for very dry skin cream emulsion for daily care of very dry and str..

3.99 EUR

Dixi Foot Care anti-sweating foot balm - 100 gr

Foot sweat balm with a special antiperspirant, sage extract, menthol and camphor. The complex of the..

2.19 EUR

Dixi Foot Care foot deodorant - 150 ml

Foot deodorant with a proven antiseptic, Rosemary extract and Sage prevents the formation of mold an..

2.69 EUR

Exfoliating foot mask

The exfoliating foot mask in the form of socks filled with active liquid is a professional treatme..

7.20 EUR

Heel mask - peeling

Mask based on active acids of plant origin, effectively removes dead skin, chicken eyes, calluses an..

7.20 EUR

NATURILIES Tea Tree Oil Cream 27211

Known for its antiseptic effects, Tea Tree helps reduce itching after insect bites and helps prevent..

15.90 EUR 5.99 EUR

SEASONS cream for cracked heels 75 ml

Hydrates and softens chapped skin and removes dead cells. The enriched gel formulation with chitosan..

6.90 EUR 1.99 EUR

SOFT TIME nourishing Calendula Cream (200 ml) 27295

Calendula is known for its antiseptic properties. In addition, it moisturizes the skin intensely, ma..

14.90 EUR 5.99 EUR
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