Balms and conditioners

Balms and conditioners

Treat yourself to quality cosmetics made from pure natural ingredients. Hair masks and balms are designed for deep and long-term repair of damaged hair. They help improve the internal structure of the hair. Choose yours for your hair to Vantu.

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Blue Lagoon - strengthening conditioner Organic Shop 280ml

It restores the natural hair structure and makes them stronger and healthier. This conditioner conta..

3.20 EUR

Golden Orchid - glowing color hair conditioner Organic Shop 280ml

This Golden Orchid conditioner enhances the natural tone of the hair and promotes elasticity. The or..

3.20 EUR

Grandma Agafa balm against hair loss and brittle 350ml

The mountain water contained in the balm provides the hair with perfect care. The hair becomes smoot..

8.00 EUR 5.50 EUR

Grandmother Agafa Balzam 17 Siberian herbs for all types of hair 350ml

Contains herbs, hops, rye bread and propolis. Made on the base of special "melt water". Created with..

8.00 EUR 5.50 EUR

Grandmother Agafa natural black sibirish soap for bath for body and hair care 500ml

The composition of black tar soap is Chaga and birch, so the product is unusual for a black soap. It..

9.99 EUR

Grandmother Agafa natural white Siberian soap for bath and body care 500ml

Soap is made on the basis of many years of experience and traditions of the Siberian people. After t..

9.99 EUR

Grandmother Agafa Shampoo and Balm for Hair Regeneration 350 ml

Soap from Soap Medical is a natural, extremely delicate ingredient of products that are designed to ..

8.00 EUR 5.50 EUR

Grandmother Agafa siberian natural soap with flower extracts for body and hair care 500ml

By creating this soap cosmetologists Russian used recipes of past generations of inhabitants of Sibe..

9.99 EUR

Grandmother Agafa Traditional sibiric hair balm on the basis of bellows propolis - against hair loss - 550ml

This balm, which is based on burdock propolis, has been supplemented with Organic Extract of Ibis Me..

8.00 EUR 5.50 EUR

Grape and Honey - gentle care hair conditioner Organic Shop 280ml

It gives the hair an amazing softness and airy look with this gentle conditioner containing grape se..

3.20 EUR

HAIR SPECIALIST PREMIER hair straightening conditioner

The conditioner helps to achieve a smooth and smooth hair-free appearance. Contains avocado oil to g..

8.90 EUR 4.99 EUR

HAIR SPECIALIST PREMIER hair volume conditioner

The amino acid complex aims at hair volume. Strengthens hair, helps maintain healthy shine without s..

8.90 EUR 4.99 EUR

HAIR SPECIALIST PREMIER keratin conditioner for weak and damaged hair

Keratin in shampoo strengthens hair and promotes a healthier look. In addition, it revitalizes them ..

8.90 EUR 4.99 EUR

HAREEM conditioner (250 ml) 27215

It contains olive oil and vitamin E, which nourish the hair. Mineral complex moisturizes and ensures..

9.90 EUR 4.49 EUR

MACA - firm shampoo with conditioner (against hair loss)

Concentrated solid shampoo with MACA root extract is intended for all hair types, especially in case..

4.60 EUR

Moisturizing hair serum - against dandruff

The peeling of dead skin cells happens throughout our body, and this is normal. However, overgrowth ..

11.50 EUR

MORINGA - firm shampoo with conditioner (against dandruff)

Concentrated solid shampoo is intended for all hair types, especially for scalp-like scalp. The acti..

4.60 EUR

Moroccan Princess - revival hair conditioner Organic Shop 280ml

This thick conditioner will help you strengthen your hair to the ends, beautify them and restore the..

3.20 EUR

Natura Siberica Argan & Amla nourishing conditioner Organic Shop 280ml

This rich conditioner helps restore damaged hair, giving it shine and liveliness.Organic Argan oil, ..

3.20 EUR 2.66 EUR

Natura Siberica Coconut & Shea moisturising conditioner Organic Shop 280ml

Inspired by tropical islands, ultra-rich Organic Coconut & Shea is a match made in heaven, blend..

3.20 EUR 2.66 EUR

NATURE hair mask with garlic extract (500ml) 27232

Thanks to the garlic extract, your hair will be firmer, more voluminous and without split ends. Help..

7.90 EUR 4.99 EUR

RARE WOOD - firm shampoo with conditioner

Concentrated solid shampoo is intended for all hair types, especially dark hair, which when used reg..

4.60 EUR

Recipes Grandma Agates Cedar Propolis Hair Balm 550ml

Strengthening hair balm based on a traditional Siberian formula with the addition of propolis. Activ..

8.00 EUR 6.00 EUR

Recipes Grandma Agates Flower propolis hair balm 550ml

This Siberian balsam created by flower propolis increases the volume of hair and facilitates shaping..

8.00 EUR 6.00 EUR
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